Cow Care in Hindu Animal Ethics. Kenneth R. Valpey. Palgrave Macmillan, 2020

By: Supratik Sen Drawing upon a wide range of Hindu textual resources and thinkers, Valpey’s work explores our moral obligation to animals, and by extension, the non-human world. Valpey approaches the subject by focusing on a “constructive” approach to the ethics of what he terms “cow care”, the practice of keeping and caring for cows […]

Are There Lessons from India about the Management of Cattle? A Review of ‘Cow Care in Hindu Animal Ethics’ by Kenneth R. Valpey

By: Clive J. C. Phillips Curtin University Sustainability Policy (CUSP) Institute, Curtin University, Kent St.,Bentley, WA 6102, Australia; Simple Summary: Cattle production has received significant criticism, particularly in Western countries, on account of its contribution to environmental pollution; the ethics of practices such as premature slaughter, particularly of male calves, and invasive procedures to […]

Meet the Gir Family

As I write this, since more than fifty days I’ve been “locked down” at Nilachal Vedic Village (NVV), a small farm community some two hours’ drive north from Mumbai, in the state of Maharashtra very close to the Gujarat state border. One could think of a lot worse places to be confined during the present […]

On the road in India (February-March, 2020)

These last few weeks have seen a busy me in a more-than-busy India. From Mayapur (in West Bengal, where I met and spoke with Dr. Vallabhbhai Kathiria—see previous Latest News post), next stop was Delhi, for a week of presenting ‘Cow Care in Hindu Animal Ethics’ at various ISKCON temples and to a few significant […]

Interview with Dr. Vallabhbhai Kathiria, Chairman of the Rashtriya Kamdhenu Aayog, Government of India

The interview was conducted in Sri Mayapura, West Bengal, by Dr Kenneth R. Valpey on February 10, 2020

Pioneering Book on Cow Care in India

OXFORD, UK, February 6, 2020 by: Dr Keneth Valpey publishes a pioneering book on the history, philosophy, and ethical status of the cow in India.This is a path-breaking book that deserves to be widely read … Original and thought-provoking, this book will open up new venues for discussion and reflection regarding cow care.”— Mary […]

The Cow Care Book on New Books Network

By: Raj Balkaran for New Books Network on January 16, 2020 What does cow care in India have to offer modern Western discourse animal ethics? Why are cows treated with such reverence in the Indian context? Join us as we speak to Kenneth R. Valpey about his new book Cow Care in Hindu Animal Ethics […]

A visit to Govardhan Eco Village

December 21-24, 2019 Govardhan Eco Village, Maharashtra, India About 2-1/2 to 3 hours’ drive north of Mumbai is Govardhan Eco Village (GEV) An amazing Vaishnava retreat center that is attracting, annually, 6000-8000 day visitors and a similar number of visitors for longer stays. When I fixed plans to come here, some weeks ago, I had […]

A copy of ‘Cow Care in Hindu Animal Ethics’ for Dr. Nanditha Krishna

December 17, 2019 Chennai, India I presented a copy of ‘Cow Care in Hindu Animal Ethics’ to Dr. Nanditha Krishna, President of the C. P. Ramaswami Aiyar Foundation and author of several books, here in Chennai. Dr. Krishna kindly wrote an endorsement for the book, on quite short notice, prior to its publication (included in the […]

New Book Brings Cow Care Into Serious Discussion in Academia and Beyond

By: Madhava Smullen for ISKCON News on June 13, 2019 Cow Care in Hindu Animal Ethics, a new book by ISKCON guru and scholar Krishna Kshetra Swami, will be published by Palgrave Macmillan in early 2020.  The work is set to make caring for cows, in the spirit of devotion, a serious topic of discussion […]