Sacred Journeys 9th Global Conference, 5-8 July 2022 in Piran/Portoroz, Slovenia

Scholars will find any excuse to attend an academic conference if the venue will be in a scenic place far from home, especially if they do scholarship on the phenomenon of travel. In this case the “excuse” was to participate in a conference on the subject of pilgrimage and religious tourism—a topic that in recent […]

Sacred Journeys (online) Conference

The months of limited or no travel pass rapidly. I’ve been remaining (almost) completely in one place for the last year and two months as the Covid pandemic continues to threaten our well-being. In the meantime, but already more than two months ago, I was fortunate to participate in the online Sacred Journeys global conference, […]

Meet the Gir Family

As I write this, since more than fifty days I’ve been “locked down” at Nilachal Vedic Village (NVV), a small farm community some two hours’ drive north from Mumbai, in the state of Maharashtra very close to the Gujarat state border. One could think of a lot worse places to be confined during the present […]

Happy New Year

January 1, 2020, India The years come, the years go. Farewell to 2019, Hello to 2020, with all good wishes. Let’s keep moving along the Yellow Brick Road. (Photo at Adalaj Stepwell, 15th c., just north of Ahmedabad).