Sacred Journeys 9th Global Conference, 5-8 July 2022 in Piran/Portoroz, Slovenia

Scholars will find any excuse to attend an academic conference if the venue will be in a scenic place far from home, especially if they do scholarship on the phenomenon of travel. In this case the “excuse” was to participate in a conference on the subject of pilgrimage and religious tourism—a topic that in recent […]

Review on “India’s Book of Wisdom: The Bhagavata Purana.”

By: David Shapiro Producer, Uplifting Cinema Pvt. Ltd During a number of sessions, I had the privilege of watching the entire “India’s Book of Wisdom: The Bhagavata Purana.” The genre is that of an art film – mood and style reveal substance. The “culture of the Bhagavatam” is the hero of this story. We get […]

Sacred Journeys (online) Conference

The months of limited or no travel pass rapidly. I’ve been remaining (almost) completely in one place for the last year and two months as the Covid pandemic continues to threaten our well-being. In the meantime, but already more than two months ago, I was fortunate to participate in the online Sacred Journeys global conference, […]

Cow Care in Hindu Animal Ethics. Kenneth R. Valpey. Palgrave Macmillan, 2020

By: Supratik Sen Drawing upon a wide range of Hindu textual resources and thinkers, Valpey’s work explores our moral obligation to animals, and by extension, the non-human world. Valpey approaches the subject by focusing on a “constructive” approach to the ethics of what he terms “cow care”, the practice of keeping and caring for cows […]

Are There Lessons from India about the Management of Cattle? A Review of ‘Cow Care in Hindu Animal Ethics’ by Kenneth R. Valpey

By: Clive J. C. Phillips Curtin University Sustainability Policy (CUSP) Institute, Curtin University, Kent St.,Bentley, WA 6102, Australia; Simple Summary: Cattle production has received significant criticism, particularly in Western countries, on account of its contribution to environmental pollution; the ethics of practices such as premature slaughter, particularly of male calves, and invasive procedures to […]

INDIA’S BOOK OF WISDOM; The Bhagavata Purana | Full Documentary

India’s Book of Wisdom—The Bhāgavata PurāṇaThe Oxford Center for Hindu Studies PresentsThe Bhagavata Purana is considered the crown jewel of the Hindu sacred ancient Sanskritliterature known as the Puranas. The Bhagavata Purana is a bhakti (devotional)scripture focused on the life and activities of Lord Krishna.As a major source of the living bhakti tradition in India, […]

Virtual Attendance in the American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting—December 2020

Staying in one place since June (in my country retreat in Poland, due to the pandemic) has been good for the physical “system” after years of fairly constant travel. Like so many of us who are ensconsed in the Internet, much of our “travel” is digital. My earlier intention to travel to the U.S. at […]

Writing about dharma and ecology

A few days ago, I accepted an invitation by my friend Christopher Fici (who just a fewweeks ago successfully passed his doctoral dissertation defense at Union TheologicalSeminary—congratulations to him!) to be a guest co-editor (or co-guest-editor?) for aspecial issu of the Journal of Dharma Studies, on the subject of Dharma and Ecology. We two are […]

Meet the Gir Family

As I write this, since more than fifty days I’ve been “locked down” at Nilachal Vedic Village (NVV), a small farm community some two hours’ drive north from Mumbai, in the state of Maharashtra very close to the Gujarat state border. One could think of a lot worse places to be confined during the present […]

On the road in India (February-March, 2020)

These last few weeks have seen a busy me in a more-than-busy India. From Mayapur (in West Bengal, where I met and spoke with Dr. Vallabhbhai Kathiria—see previous Latest News post), next stop was Delhi, for a week of presenting ‘Cow Care in Hindu Animal Ethics’ at various ISKCON temples and to a few significant […]