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Pioneering Book on Cow Care in India

OXFORD, UK, February 6, 2020 by: EINPresswire.com Dr Keneth Valpey publishes a pioneering book on the history, philosophy, and ethical status of the cow in India.This is a path-breaking book that deserves to be widely read … Original and thought-provoking, this book will open up new venues for discussion and reflection regarding cow care.”— Mary […]

Ten Days of Jainism

Dec. 27 2019 to Jan. 7 2020, India The International School of Jain Studies offers a ten-day (Dec. 27 to Jan. 7) introduction to Jainism each December-January for university students, especially those engaged in the academic study of religion. Jainism is a very ancient tradition, at least as old as Buddhism, with a rich literary […]

The Cow Care Book on New Books Network

By: Raj Balkaran for New Books Network on January 16, 2020 What does cow care in India have to offer modern Western discourse animal ethics? Why are cows treated with such reverence in the Indian context? Join us as we speak to Kenneth R. Valpey about his new book Cow Care in Hindu Animal Ethics […]

Happy New Year

January 1, 2020, India The years come, the years go. Farewell to 2019, Hello to 2020, with all good wishes. Let’s keep moving along the Yellow Brick Road. (Photo at Adalaj Stepwell, 15th c., just north of Ahmedabad).

A visit to Govardhan Eco Village

December 21-24, 2019 Govardhan Eco Village, Maharashtra, India About 2-1/2 to 3 hours’ drive north of Mumbai is Govardhan Eco Village (GEV) An amazing Vaishnava retreat center that is attracting, annually, 6000-8000 day visitors and a similar number of visitors for longer stays. When I fixed plans to come here, some weeks ago, I had […]

Vaishnava-Christian Dialogue in Chennai

December 16-18, 2019 Vaishnava-Christian Dialogue in Chennai, India I was fortunate to be again (for the third time) present at the annual Vaishnava-Christian dialogue in South India, organized by Anuttama Das, ISKCON’s minister of communication. The topic this year was “Loving Surrender and Social Engagement”. My own participation this time was quite minimal, as I […]

A copy of ‘Cow Care in Hindu Animal Ethics’ for Dr. Nanditha Krishna

December 17, 2019 Chennai, India I presented a copy of ‘Cow Care in Hindu Animal Ethics’ to Dr. Nanditha Krishna, President of the C. P. Ramaswami Aiyar Foundation and author of several books, here in Chennai. Dr. Krishna kindly wrote an endorsement for the book, on quite short notice, prior to its publication (included in the […]

Bhagavata Purana Documentary

What is it about this text that makes it so interesting to study and also to live for so many people not just in India but more and more all over the world? We are going to be exploring, meeting people, finding out more about this tradition which I’ve been studying for the last forty […]